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Four mineral-fuelled clay spa shower melts to leave your skin deeply detoxified. Keep your shower bombs neatly stored & ready to go in our fully recyclable gift box. Swipe across to watch our product guide!

Rehydrating Shower Clay Spa Melt Gift Set | Four Pack

Regular price £11.50
Four mineral-fuelled clay spa shower melts to leave your skin deeply detoxified. Keep your shower bombs neatly stored & ready to go in our fully recyclable gift box. Swipe across to watch our product guide!
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Product guide

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You will get between 2-3 uses with each melt, take a look at our product guide.

We only use recycled cardboard. You will also find 100% biodegradable cornstarch wotsits to keep your package safe as well as plastic free packing tape.

Perfect as a little skin treat before a special occasion or mid-week pick-me-up.

Each with its own skin-enriching purpose, our clay spa shower bombs help withdraw impurities and toxins from your skin. As the clays work to detoxify, Avocado Oil deeply hydrates with its rich fatty acids and wide selection of vitamins. Mango Fruit Powder is full of fruit enzymes, so as you gently exfoliate your old skin away a new brighter you will be revealed. Raw Cocoa Butter helps to retain moisture loss, keeping your skin supple whilst soothing dryness and damage. Formulated with natural ingredients, avoiding the use of synthetic scents and fragrances. 

Balancing - For combination skin with a floral scent.
Rehydrating - For Dry skin with a citrus scent.
Naked - For sensitive or normal skin, scent-free.
Coco Island - Enriched with Coconut powder to enrich & brighten. 

1. With the shower running, rub the bar between wet hands.

2. As the bar starts to fizz, rub all over your body to gently exfoliate. Small circular motions work best, apply whichever amount of pressure feels right for you.

3. Important, The warmth of the shower will release the essential oils, take your time to breathe in the gentle aromas as you cleanse & exfoliate your body.

4. With the shower off, leave the foam on for a short while to allow the clay and fruit extract to purify and soften your skin.

5. Continue to rub the bar over your body, once it reduces in size crush it in between your hands to create one last explosion of moisturising foam with raw cocoa butter. Rub all over to get the maximum moisturising effect.

6. Finally, rinse well to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin.

1. Now formulated with a cold-pressed solid ingredient method, this means we don’t lose any of the ingredient benefits through heat as there is no melting involved.

2. Boasts a blend of three different surfactants to ensure a proper cleanse.

3. Now all shower melts contain purifying kaolin clay, this helps draw out toxins from the skin and makes the product smoother. 

4. We incorporate finely ground Cocoa Butter (raw) instead of the melted version, this helps retains its benefits for the skin, making it more moisturising.

6. A true shower bomb! The last bits can be crushed in between your hands to give an explosion of foam (so those without a bath don’t get left out)

For a full list of ingredients, please head over to the individual shower melt pages. 

Skin Management
Skin Fuel
Coco Island 

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