Take a look at how we see natural & get the lowdown on a few of our favourite botanicals.

We are inspired by the power of nature. A natural alternative to help cleanse, revitalise and protect skin and body from nature’s beautiful but harsh environments.

To us, natural means using ingredients that are as close to their natural form as possible. Most of the ingredients we take from nature need to be changed in some way, cocoa seeds are ground & pressed to make butter, essential oils are extracted. What’s important to us is that any ingredient we use goes through as few of these steps as possible, maintaining the benefits nature has to offer & staying true to its natural form.

Explore some of our favourites...


The transformation of the physical rose into usable and skin-friendly products can be done through a variety of ways. In our products, we use Rose Absolute, Rose Otto and Rose Hydrolat. Each form uses a different process, to extract certain properties, to cater for specific needs. 

Rose Water (Hydrolat)
Rose Butter Soap - WiDEYE
Rose Butter Soap
Aqua Karma | Original Bath Bomb - WiDEYE
Aqua Karma | Original Bath Bomb
Shower Mood Melt Gift Set | Eight Pack
Poshi Butter Cup - WiDEYE
Poshi Butter Cup
from £3.25
Balancing | Mineral Bath Bomb - WiDEYE
Balancing | Mineral Bath Bomb


Lavender essential oil has a delicate yet strong woody aroma. 

We use this essential oil in a wide variety of products. Lavender promotes relaxation and can help to treat anxiety.

Lavender Butter Soap - WiDEYE
Lavender Butter Soap
Sleeping Beauty Butter Cup - WiDEYE
Sleeping Beauty Butter Cup
from £3.25
Lavender Sleeping Beauty Pillow Spray 50ml
Sleeping Beauty Pillow Spray
Sleeping Beauty Mood Melt - WiDEYE
Sleeping Beauty Mood Melt
from £2.95
Sleeping Beauty Sugar Scrub - WiDEYE
Sleeping Beauty Sugar Scrub