How We See It | Why we don't do Black Friday, how to avoid bad deals and how you can save with WiDEYE

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In 2022, Shoppers are expected to spend 8.71 billion pounds over the Black Friday weekend. And whilst there will certainly be some deals to be had, the implications of the event far outweigh the benefits in our eyes. We're going to take you through some of the reasons we don't participate, how to avoid a dodgy deal and how you can get the most out of our range as a WiDEYE customer.

Black Friday


Why we don't participate in Black Friday


The main reason we don't participate in Black Friday, is that it revolves around hyperconsumerism, the idea that pressure from mega deals leads to unnecessary purchases. Not only does this mean that many will people end up spending money they could have saved, but lots will also end up going straight to landfills.

On the flip side, the term 'returns Thursday' has also been coined, with recent estimates suggesting 1 in 3 shoppers will end up returning what they purchased over the weekend. This adds to the already extravagant emissions the event causes.

Environmental impact

The impact is monumental, with 429,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas estimated to be released from deliveries alone. Not to mention the huge increase in extra waste. It's suggested that around 80% of items bought on Black Friday are thrown away after a few uses, with lots never seeing daylight.

Bad for small bizz
The event itself was bought to the UK by huge multinationals, so it's no surprise that it favours the larger retailers. For small businesses, it’s often impossible to compete with the huge discounts that are being offered, often leading to an unfair advantage.

Since Black Friday has come into the picture, buying patterns have changed, with many holding out for the pre-Christmas deals. Further adding to the pressure put on small businesses.

Tips and tricks to look out for

Whilst Black Friday certainly isn't for the best long term, if you're careful you may find some good deals. At WiDEYE, our ethos is to keep our prices fair all year round, so you know you are always getting a good deal.

For anyone out there in the wild west of Black Friday, here are a few things to consider so you don’t fall victim to inconspicuous marketing tactics.

Lot's of deals are available year round

Data has shown how many retailers actually offer discounts similar to those on Black Friday throughout the year, so this is worth remembering before you purchase something under the pressure of a supposedly limited-time deal. So if you're unsure, we'd recommend holding out.

Cheaply made alternatives

Whilst you can usually trust a well established brand when it comes to the quality of the product, some companies throw this out of the window. They will actually produce products specifically for the event using cheaper materials and slight name variations. So many people buy what they think is a top-of-the-range model, when in fact it's just cheaply made.

How to get a WiDEYE deal

Whilst we won’t have any Black Friday offers running, we like to reward our loyal customers with the occasional promotion through our newsletter, you can also make some great savings by signing up as a customer and collecting loyalty points! For our customers who shop in-store, we also offer 50p back for every bottle you return to our stores.

Here are a few suggestions from our range that we’d say offer incredible value! We can also guarantee that these will be up to our usual top-tier standards.

Festive Selection Gifts - £13.95 

For our Festive Selection Gift Boxes, we wanted to create something amazing that has incredible value. These are a great way to show some love and appreciation this Christmas. 


Soy Wax Melter + free soy wax melt bar - £9.95 

When you buy one of our wax melters, you can choose to include any one of our soy wax melt bars completely free of charge. Saving you £5.95! These create an incredible long lasting aroma that also enhances your mood. 

Soy wax melts 


  • Janet Mann

    I fully support your aims and I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Black Friday deal and won’t be joining in this year! I find all the aggressive advertising a bit too much at times. Thank you for what you do and I shall continue to use your products and support other small local businesses as much as I can.

  • K W

    What a welcome breath of fresh air, I really applaud you. I rarely leave comments anywhere, however wanted to voice my support of yours. I adore wideye products, please keep doing what you are doing :)

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