Ingredient Insight | Key Ingredients in our New Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

by Tess Wood

tessWe have officially launched our new shampoo and conditioner bars after years of working on a formula that works for everyone without a transition period. With minimal packaging and loaded with amazing ingredients to make your hair feel cleansed and silky smooth so sure you’re ready for your day. So how did we do it? Let’s take a look and some of the key ingredients packed into our bars!

New Shampoo Bars

We have a brand new shampoo bar formula that foams up and is easy to use without having a transitional period! Packed with awesome ingredients to keep your hair looking it’s best.

Kokum Butter

What is it?

This butter is made up of a type of saturated fat that melts easily when applied and acts to improve skin's texture while also locking in moisture for the hair. We use these in our new shampoo bars for this exact reason!

Where does it come from?

This butter is naturally made from the seeds of the Kokum tree fruit Garcinia indica, found in regions of India and Asia. The oil itself is extracted from the seed kernels and processed into a firm butter that is used in loads of different natural skincare products.

The benefits

Kokum is a light butter and does not clog the hair follicle or pores decreasing the chances of acne developing. It can also help alleviate inflammation, making it fantastic for any skin or hair type and is high In essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 helping create healthier looking skin and hair.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

What is it?

This is made from Wheat by an enzymic hydrolysis process to produce an amino acid based protein that is gluten free. 

The benefits

This protein helps retain moisture in the hair and scalp while nourishing and detangling. Great for use with curly or colour treated hair as it prevents breakage. Wheat bran protein also strengthens the hair shaft itself and creates shine, improving the overall appearance of the hair.

New Conditioner Bars

After popular demand we finally have conditioner bars! These are incredible and make your hair feel silky smooth after just one use. The main ingredients in these we also picked specifically with short and long hair in mind. 

Rice Bran Wax

What is it?

This is a sustainable and natural vegetable wax produced by the extraction and filtration of rice bran oil. This wax hardens at room temperature but remains having a lower melting point making it easy to use when added to make products.


Rice bran wax is smoothing and softening, creating a thin protective coating that sinks deep into the hair and skin itself preventing dehydration. High in antioxidants riding the body of free radicals and pollution build up creating healthy shiny hair. 

Olive Squalane 

What is it?

This is a cruelty free, plant based oil derived from olives that helps to lubricate the scalp and softens your hair and skin texture because of its natural emollient properties. It is a transparent and odourless oil that matches our natural sebum production. 


Squalane helps to lubricate the scalp and softens your hair and skin texture because of its natural emollient properties. This smoothes and softens your hair, giving it loads of shine without making it greasy. It creates a protective barrier that helps reduce moisture loss helping to fight dehydration.

I absolutely love our new formulas and highly recommend them to anyone trying to stray away from liquids. We have six to choose from based on your hair type and regime so you can find one that works for you! We make an easy transition and have minimal cardboard packaging making your waste free solid hair care routine simple and fun.



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