Ingredient Insight | Why we use Soy Wax and Pure Essential oils in our Candles

by Sam Bull

Candles are something we are particularly passionate about at WiDEYE. There is something wholesome about walking into a room full of your favourite natural scent combined with the muskyness you get from burning a candle.

Whilst it may seem like a fairly straight forward concept, there is actually quite the art behind getting the perfect burn and scent from a candle. There is also a huge range of ingredients to choose from when deciding the recipe. Sustainability is always an aspect to consider when choosing ingredients, on top of this it’s important that the end product lends itself to a scent which fills the room and equally burns efficiently. When using essential oils in place of synthetics there is much more of an art to achieving a balanced scent which doesn't affect the way in which the candle burns.  

Why we only use natural natural soy wax in our candles 

We believe that natural soy wax is the way forward when it comes to candles. The main alternative to soy wax is petroleum based paraffin wax which is the most commonly used. Whilst not scientifically proven, there is an indication that paraffin wax can give off harmful fumes for which we don’t see much appeal! We also find that the burning temperature of soy wax gives off a much nicer scent which isn’t as fierce as the common candles. 

The absolute decider for us is the fact that parrafin wax originates from a non-renewable source, making it highly unsustainable. Soy wax on the other hand which is farmed from soy beans provides a much more  eco-friendly alternative. Another benefit is that once you put your candle out it will continue to fill your room with aroma as we find the scent throw for soy wax to be particularly good!

Why essential oils over fragrances? 

As with all our products, you will only find 100% pure essential oils in our candles. Not only are there calming and relaxing benefits to essential oils, they are a natural extract so you can feel confident in what is being omitted into your room. 

One of the main differences you will notice in contrast to synthetic scents is how essential oil based candles tend to be much less pungent. Many of the common candles create a really powerful scent which engulfs the entire room, which for many (including myself) may seem overwhelming. If formulated correctly a soy wax candle made out of pure essential oils on the other hand lends itself to a much warmer scent with the added benefits of aromatherapeutic properties.

Winter season is our favorite time of year to have a candle on the go, they can really help create a lovely relaxing environment in your home. 

Take a look at some of our most popular candles below! 

Soy Wax Candle
Rose and Lime         Neroli and Petitgrain       Vanilla & Lemongrass 

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