Tips From The Team | Exfoliating come spring

by Sam Bull

 With Spring here, you might be thinking about switching up your skin and body care routine. As this side of the world starts to warm, the first thing we need to be thinking about is exfoliation. After spending the winter months covered up inside our skin needs a chance to breathe, exfoliating removes all the unnecessary build up dead skin cells that can accumulate throughout winter. Not only this, but  where our skin doesn’t hold as much moisture throughout winter, we tend to use much heavier products on our skin to help with the extra dryness. 

With all of this in mind, we’re going to take you through our range of exfoliates...

Before we start however, it’s worth mentioning how since the ban of microbeads came into action, the world has  opened its eyes to the efficacy of natural alternatives which we are absolutely onboard with! Not only are natural exfoliates good for our skin, they make for a highly sustainable treat.

Exfoliating For My Face

Facial Exfoliate's 

When it comes to our faces, it’s important to make sure you are using something that isn’t going to be too abrasive. In our Rehab and Skin Fuel Facial Exfoliates, we combine Rice Bran Starch and Bamboo Grains to give you a gentle yet effective exfoliation process. Our naked exfoliate on the other hand is formulated with ground olive stones which offers a medium level of exfoliation. 


Why the change in ingredient? 

We chose to use ground olive stone in our naked flavour, as it’s the least likely of all the options available to lend itself to a reaction. Whilst the other flavours will be great for anyone with normal skin, if you have sensitive skin and are prone to irritation, we’d highly recommend opting for our Naked Exfoliate. 

Exfoliating Face Wash 

We also have our skin fuel facial exfoliate face wash available, this face wash is a great option for those with mature skin! We’ve added marine collagen to give your skin an extra boost as you exfoliate. 

Exfoliating For My Body 

Moving on to the body! Whilst our faces undoubtedly suffer throughout the winter months, it’s easy to forget about the skin on our bodies which tends to be covered most of the time. So when it comes to spring cleaning, we need to make sure we remember to give our bodies a good once over as well.

So which product should I be using for my body? 

Salt Scrubs 

For starters, unless you have particularly sensitive skin, we would suggest  looking into our salt scrubs, these are by far our most heavy duty exfoliating product. Each salt scrub should give you between 2 or 3 uses, the larger grains of salt work wonders at removing that build up of dead skin from over the winter months. 

A staff favourite is our Shark Pool Flavour which contains softening sea kelp to nourish your skin alongside the cocoa and shea butter.  

Sugar Scrubs

A slightly less abrasive alternative to our salt scrubs, these lovingly soothing exfoliates are a great option for anyone who isn’t looking for anything too abrasive, finer grains of sugar allow for a gentle removal of dead skin cells, these are also formulated with nourishing butters to leave your skin gleaming with moisture! 

Take a peep at our Aqua karma Sugar Scrub, boasting the most popular scent from our range! 

Aqua Karma Sugar Scrub

Exfoliating Body Scrub 

The last to mention out of all our body exfoliates! If your skin is feeling extra dry, these skin saviours are a great option when in need of a little extra boost. Where sugar and salt scrubs will work wonders at removing dead skin cells, these exfoliating creams provide it with a highly moisturising hit. 

As we move into warmer weather, you might want to consider our Beach Bum flavour! A great way re-invigorate those beach vibes as we near the summer! 



Last of all, we’d also recommend taking a look at our range of exfoliating accessories, our body brush is a great addition to any bathroom. A few times a week, before jumping in to the shower, simply give your body a quick once over with little circular motions. Your skin should feel instantly smoother! It goes without saying however, that it's really important to follow any sort of body brushing with a light layer of moisturiser! 

We hope you found this blog post informative and if you need any help at all with further recommendations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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