Eyeopener | Some science behind baths!

by Sam Bull

Do you ever feel that you just have to jump in the bath? Well, we might just have the answers. And whilst taking over the bathroom in your home a little too often may cause some conflict, this may well be the justification you need to appease an impatient housemate, partner or parent.

Baths have been used since the dawn of time by many cultures (if not most) to cleanse ourselves both physically and spiritually. These days, lots of people just see them as a lazy way to take a shower. In our eyes, this is far from the truth and whilst we don't really need any justification for having a bath, here are some of the things science has to say.


As you sit back in the bath, your skin releases endorphins in response to the soothing warm water. This works in the same way that they are released when you feel the sun on your skin. So if winter is getting the better of you, try jumping in the bath for a little mood boost!

positive endorphins

Helps burn calories
Whilst we wouldn't recommend swapping baths for your daily exercise (as nice as that would be) you actually burn a surprising amount of calories when your soak in the bath! Studies found that taking an hour-long dip can burn up to 140 calories, as much as a 30 minute walk!


Increases circulation
Extended periods in the bath can actually (get ready for a technical term) induce vasodilatation. This is essentially a widening of the blood vessels which allows more nutrients and oxygen to flow around the body. This has tonnes of health benefits, ranging from both mental to physical.


We could dive a lot deeper into the benefits of baths, however hopefully this is enough to help you appease an angry housemate waiting to use the bathroom.

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