Tips from the Team | A Massage for the Home

by Lawrence Bull

With Valentines day fast approaching, here at WiDEYE we want to make everyone feel loved and appreciated.

One of our firm favourites amongst our wide range of products, is our bath & body oils. These can be used as a stand alone product or used in the bath, with eight unique flavours there is plenty to choose from.

With this in mind we’ve created an at home massage guide, where you can treat your special loved one to an indulgent treat.

What better way to say (I love you) than to spoil your partner with a massage.


First set the scene

In order to create a relaxing atmosphere, dim the lights and light some scented candles. Alternatively, bring out a diffuser or spritz a room spray.  before getting started you will also want to turn on some chilled music and lay out some towels. Don't forget to warm up the massage oil either! I recommend doing this in a bowl of warm water. 


Back Massage Routine

1 - Warming the skin and applying massage oil

Start by applying oil to your partners back, with slow, light upwards strokes. Starting at the lower back and moving up towards the neck. Continue doing this movement until the skin starts to become warm and slightly pink. Check with you partner if the pressure is ok for them and adjust accordingly.

2 - Working down towards the waist
Next move down towards the waist, circle the lower back and glide around the hips. Be sure to keep all of these movements very slow. Repeat again.

 3 - Working up towards the neck
Then with your thumbs either side of the spine with a gentle pressure (be sure to avoid the spine) glide up to the neck.

4 - Releasing shoulder tension
Once you’ve worked your way up to the neck, glide over the shoulders and feel for any knots and tension (this tends to be the area where most people will hold it) Keep working around the shoulders and neck for a good 10 minutes.

5 - To finish 

To finish the massage apply gentle upward strokes from the lower back to the neck and hold.


Your friend or partner should be feeling blissfully relaxed, whilst the massage in itself will induce those feelings of release, the pure essential oils found throughout our products will have worked there wonders to further induce that feeling of relaxation...  

I hope you enjoyed this little massage idea, I'd love to hear how you get on with it in the comments!

Our massage oils!

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