Tips From The Team | Emily's Skincare Standouts! A Look Round Our Rye Store

by Emily Chambers

Take a tour around our Rye store with Emily as she shares some her skincare standouts!

When you first walk into our Rye store you’ll be greeted by our amazing skincare range.

Depending on your your skin type or condition, we have something to suit everyone. From our highly moisturising ‘Rehydrating’ range to oil busting ‘Skin management'. On to my skin care standouts! 


Balancing Face wash 

As we move into the spring/summer season and the weather warms, our skin can become dehydrated, making it  feel dry and irritated. It can also cause your skin to become slightly more oily, as the it produces more oil to make up for the dehydration.

Which is why our balancing face wash is my first skincare standout. 

Not only does it provide hydration but it also balances (hence the name) the skins ph levels. Keeping your skin looking healthy and hydrated! 



Skin Management Face Oil 

As you move further into the store you’ll find our facial oils. We recommend using these at night time, this is when the skin needs the most nutrients and also when it regenerates the most! 

Our skin management facial oil is my second skincare standout. Not only does it nourish and protect the skin, it also calms redness and irritation.



 Exfoliating Natural Sugar Scrubs

My final skincare standout is our Sugar Scrubs, which you’ll see when you move towards the back of the Rye store. 

All seven flavours are bursting with fragrance and made with Shea and coco butter. We recommend using an exfoliator on the body at least every two weeks, as we shed a whole layer of skin every 27 days. These will skin your skin glowing for days.




Hopefully this will have given you some inspiration into trying something new as we move towards warmer days! If you are in Rye, please drop in and say hello! I’ll be happy to help with any of your skin concerns :) 


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