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It wasn’t until the late 1980’s that the shower started to take centre stage, electronic showers, paired with the need for a quick cleanse led to the masses taking it on board. Interestingly nowadays, 57% of the UK population say that they prefer showers over baths, mainly for convenience. But can it also be as much of a spa-like experience as a bath? 

For your mind… 

Aromatherapy in the shower 

Activated by heat, essential oils and the shower is the perfect pairing… with the soothing aromas filling the warm misty air.  Adding aromatherapy into the mix is the first thing we’d recommend for upping your shower experience. Depending on the mood you want to enhance, there is an oil for everything. Be sharp and fresh in the mornings, relax before bedtime or feel well-grounded and at peace after a day spent in the elements… A favourite of ours is vetiver, which is great for relieving stress and also found in our Sleeping Beauty scent.

A cold water finish 

Most of you will have heard of this tip, the science clearly shows it’s a fantastic way to enhance your well-being (It’s also where showers have the upper hand on baths) - If you haven’t built up the courage yet, we’d recommend working your way towards full-tilt gradually, eventually you will be able to withstand a totally cold shower which will help reset your mind and start the day feeling fresh and high on endorphins.

It’s important that you also pair your cold water shower with some deep breaths, focus on your breathing, stay relaxed and only take it as far as you feel comfortable with. 

For your body...


The warmth of the shower on your skin is a really good way to start the exfoliation process as it helps to open up your pores allowing for proper cleansing and the removal of dead skin cells. It’s also a chance to switch the shower off and spend an extra five minutes in the shower taking a moment for yourself (And also saving some water). We find that the process is also very calming, let yourself drift away into your thoughts as you renew your skin. 

Synthetic free cleansing

Using products free from synthetics is a great way to treat your skin a little more kindly. These types of products won’t strip your body from all its natural oils that help keep it healthy. We add essential oils to almost all our shower and hair products, primarily for the way they improve skin & hair health, an added benefit is that they also work to enhance your mood. 

Here are a few recommendations from our team that can help you up your shower game.

WiDEYE products we'd recommend 

Shower melts
We created these little pick-me-ups as a bath bomb alternative for the shower. Gently exfoliate your skin as the melt fizzes up & releases a unique mood-enhancing essential oil blend. Pick between mood or spa clay depending on whether you want to focus on your mood or detoxify and purify your skin. 

Sugar and Salt Scrubs
Our unwrapped exfoliates are packed with nourishing butter to moisturise your skin as you remove dead skin cells. Essential oils will also work to enhance your mood and improve overall skin health. 

SLS free shower gel
Gentle cleansing free from synthetics, they are a great way to keep your skin looking radiant as they won’t strip it from its natural oils. 

Cold Process Soap
If you’re looking to reduce the amount of packaging you use, we’ve developed a huge range of over 20 bars of soap to suit your skin type. Each one features a unique mix of natural ingredients, so there is something for anyone and everyone. A great way to cleanse naturally

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  • Lisa

    I don’t always delve deeper into the tips on the email but this was was great!
    Love the shower tips; it’s reminded me to take time and pause rather than the essential quick showers. We should all take a little time out for ourselves, the bathroom is the perfect place.
    I can’t wait to try the melts 😄.

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