Tips From The Team | Salt Scrub Secrets, A Deeper Dive.

by Sam Bull

Taking a deeper dive in to the benefits of sea salt on the skin is a real eye-opener to what this amazing mineral has to offer, and in this post share all the secrets with you! 

For anyone new, salt scrubs are mainly used as a body exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, commonly used in full body spa treatments our scrubs allow you to bring the spa experience back to your home. 

Three reasons salt takes the win. 

1, Increases blood flow, promoting a natural glow. As you massage salt over your body, blood is drawn to the surface of your skin increasing circulation and overall skin health. 

2, Packed with Magnesium, Calcium & Potassium. The minerals works absolute wonders on the skin and can  really help combat a build up of bacteria. 

3, Exfoliation, it goes without saying that the coarse nature of sea salt makes for a fantastic exfoliant, especially effective if you haven't exfoliated in some time. 

Getting the most of your next salt scrub. 

1, Wash before you exfoliate. We recommend using your WiDEYE soap or shower gel before exfoliating as this primes your body, allowing the salt scrub to work its magic. 

2, Apply in small circular motions over your entire body. Once washed, we recommend turning the shower off to save some water whilst you apply your salt scrub, taking your time will allow your skin to absorb more minerals, whilst also promoting blood circulation. 

WiDEYE Salt Scrubs. 

We've developed a range including seven salt scrubs, each with a specific purpose to either enhance your body, your mind or both! We recently dropped three new ones which we're particularly excited about. Take a look at them below. 


Take a moment... Serious exfoliation paired with our most mindful blend to leave both your body & mood at ease.



Muscle Management

Restore achy muscles & quickly remove dead skin, whilst a spicy essential oil blend brings the heat to this anti-ache salt scrub.


Rise & Shine

Deeply exfoliate & revive dull skin, fully packed with Vitamin C & an uplifting citrus blend to simulate sunny skies...



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