Take a Closer Look | SLS, and why we don't use it

by Maisy Bull

Put simply, SLS is a generic foaming agent ingredient that strips your hair or body of all its natural oils. The trouble there is that we produce these oils (sebum) for a reason, and it plays a pretty important role in keeping our skin & hair healthy. 


The sebum which comes from our scalp does a lot. 

By that, we mean it acts as a barrier protecting the scalp and hair from the elements as well as bacterial infection. It travels down from the scalp, working its way from your roots eventually covering each strand. That also explains one reason why the ends of our hair, tend to be dryer, as it doesn’t get as much sebum.

So that’s why we avoid SLS in all of our products. Over time the stripping effect it has on our hair can lead to dryness, irritation, and an itchy scalp. Sometimes it can lead to an overproduction of oil. The oil regulation in your scalp gets slightly confused, producing even more oil than before to over-compensate for all the oil that keeps getting stripped away. 

Ideally, we want to find that happy balance, A place where our hair isn’t covered with too much of its oils so that it looks greasy and flat, but just enough so that it can still do its job. We’ve formulated a completely natural solution, through a mixture of plant-based derived surfactants alongside pure essential oils.

One of these surfactants is SCI Noodles. This is a fatty acid derived from coconut oil, gentle enough to be used as a baby cleanser. It’s amazing for its ability to help water to mix with oil and dirt, allowing them to be more easily rinsed away.

Wheat protein is another one of these surfactants. 

Another 100% plant-based ingredient, is known to repair the damaged hair follicles, and replenish and nourish. Giving strength to people who have exposed their hair to excessive use of styling tools or chemical treatments, as well as strengthening thin hair.

These are just a few of our plant-based ingredients. All of their properties focus on nourishing and repairing hair, rinsing away the right amount of grease to leave hair clean rather than harshly stripped of everything.

The same applies to our SLS free shower gels and the skin on your body.

The natural oils produced to soften the skin and protect can be washed away with regular shower gels. Our SLS free and Aloe Vera formula allows a great cleanse without stripping the skin. Leaving you with softer, smoother skin with no irritation.

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