Mindful Moments

    A relaxing ritual to help rid your mind of clutter and bad vibes. Our go-to for those extra stressful days where you just need to take a step out of the fast lane. For around £21 you will get three treatments, plus a mood roller to take around in your pocket. You will need… x1 three pack of shower melts, x1 soy wax candle and x1 mood roller.

    1 - Wash away any worries or stress with your mood melt in the warm misty shower, inhale all the essential oils and take your time.

    2 - Next, light the candle to fill the room with a delicate scent and set your intention for this gentle practice.

    3 - Finally apply mood roller to pulse points to the wrists next and temples, rub your wrists together and gently breath in the aromas.

    Bonus tip! - Each of our scent options has a specific purpose, find one to match your mood…
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    Aqua Karma Mood Melt - WiDEYE
    Aqua Karma Mood Melt
    from £2.95
    Beach Bum Mood Melt - WiDEYE
    Beach Bum Mood Melt
    from £2.95
    Sleeping Beauty Mood Melt - WiDEYE
    Sleeping Beauty Mood Melt
    from £2.95
    Rise & Shine Mood Melt - WiDEYE
    Rise & Shine Mood Melt
    from £2.95
    Sundown Mood Melt - WiDEYE
    Sundown Mood Melt
    from £2.95
    Green Room Mood Melt - WiDEYE
    Green Room Mood Melt
    from £2.95
    Twin Peaks Mood Melt - WiDEYE
    Twin Peaks Mood Melt
    from £2.95
    Hocus Pocus Mood Melt - WiDEYE
    Hocus Pocus Mood Melt
    from £2.95
    Aqua Karma Candle
    from £7.95
    Sleeping Beauty Candle
    from £7.95
    Sundown Candle
    from £7.95
    Twin Peaks Candle
    from £7.95
    Summer Bliss Candle
    from £7.95
    Poshi Candle
    from £7.95
    After Dark Candle
    from £7.95
    Natural vegan aromatherapy Sun Down essential oil mood roller, in glass bottle. Handmade by WiDEYE in Rye.
    Sundown Mood Roller
    Natural vegan aromatherapy Summer Bliss essential oil mood roller, in glass bottle. Handmade by WiDEYE in Rye.
    Summer Bliss Mood Roller
    Natural vegan aromatherapy Hocus Pocus mood oil roller bottle handmade by WiDEYE in Rye.
    Hocus Pocus Mood Roller
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    Twin Peaks Mood Roller
    Natural vegan aromatherapy Sleeping Beauty essential oil mood roller, in glass bottle. Handmade by WiDEYE in Rye.
    Sleeping Beauty Mood Roller
    Natural vegan skincare 'Aqua Karma' essential oil mood roller with patchouli, bergamot and lime by WiDEYE.
    Aqua Karma Mood Roller
    Beach Bum Candle
    from £7.95
    Rise & Shine Candle
    from £7.95
    Green Room Candle
    from £7.95



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